Admiral Apartaments

Real estate on offer by "Zlatni Piasaci" AD


Luxury flats - a promising investment in Bulgaria and the Black Sea Coast!
Direct sales by builder of properties - no commission.


Admiral Apartments is a modern luxury complex, located just the beach strip in the heart of Golden Sands Resort.


- 9 -storey complex
- each residential section has a separate lobby and lift
- flats from 60 sq.m -190 sq.m
- each residential section is thermo-insulated
- stone-panelled common parts
- modern lifts
- flooring: terracota, laminate
- 3-layer window and door
- 24-hour security service





* Date 19.06.2007



Completed apartments

  • Entrance and corridor
    -flooring - terracota
    -walls - latex
    -ceiling - latex
  • Living room
    -flooring - laminate
    -walls - latex
    -ceiling - latex paint
  • Terrace
  • Bathroom
    -flooring – stone
    -walls – bathroom pannels
    -ceilings – latex
    -faience fixtures
    -shower cabin
  • Doors
    -solid; natural materials
  • Bedroom
    -flooring – laminate
    -walls – latex
    -ceiling – latex

Payment terms

100 % - on preliminary contract.

Admiral Apartments - prices of apartments

Sea view 1450 €/m2


ApartmentsFloorBedroomsExposureArea m2PriceStatus
1A21Sea111.61€ .00Sold
2A22Sea127.30€ .00Sold
3A21Sea80.77€ .00Sold
4A32Sea108.82€ .00Sold
5A32Sea123.95€ .00Sold
6A31Sea81.02€ .00Sold
7A42Sea108.82€ .00Sold
8A42Sea124.50€ .00Sold
9A41Sea90.09€ .00Sold
10A52Sea240.91€ .00Sold
11A51Sea90.66€ .00Sold
12A62Sea219.67€ .00Sold

ApartmentsFloorBedroomsExposureArea m2PriceStatus
1B21Sea83.90€ .00Sold
2B21Sea85.12€ .00Sold
3B21Sea84.85€ .00Sold
4B20Sea65.51€ .00Sold
5B31Sea82.26€ .00Sold
6B31Sea85.33€ .00Sold
7B31Sea85.81€ .00Sold
8B31Sea90.43€ .00Sold
9B41Sea82.21€ .00Sold
10B41Sea72.35€ .00Sold
11B41Sea72.28€ .00Sold
12B42Sea115.60€ .00Sold
13B51Sea82.05€ .00Sold
14B51Sea70.72€ .00Sold
15B51Sea70.65€ .00Sold
16B52Sea114.65€ .00Sold
17B61Sea82.05€ .00Sold
18B61Sea70.72€ .00Sold
19B61Sea78.89€ .00Sold
20B62Sea114.65€ .00Sold
21B72Sea324.00€ .00Sold
22B72Sea163.28€ .00Sold
23B82Sea116.71€ .00Sold
24B82Sea100.39€ .00Sold

ApartmentsFloorBedroomsExposureArea m2PriceStatus
1C20Sea67.43€ .00Sold
2C21Sea84.92€ .00Sold
3C21Sea84.92€ .00Sold
4C20Sea70.09€ .00Sold
5C31Sea90.74€ .00Sold
6C31Sea84.94€ .00Sold
7C31Sea85.26€ .00Sold
8C31Sea93.65€ .00Sold
9C42Sea117.20€ .00Sold
10C41Sea72.26€ .00Sold
11C41Sea72.26€ .00Sold
12C41Sea90.15€ .00Sold
13C52Sea116.58€ .00Sold
14C51Sea72.79€ .00Sold
15C51Sea72.51€ .00Sold
16C51Sea91.42€ .00Sold
17C62Sea114.65€ .00Sold
18C61Sea70.65€ .00Sold
19C61Sea70.65€ .00Sold
20C61Sea89.49€ .00Sold
21C71Sea109.50€ .00Sold
22C71Sea70.07€ .00Sold
23C71Sea70.07€ .00Sold
24C71Sea87.55€ .00Sold
25C81Sea69.54€ .00Sold
26C81Sea48.41€ .00Sold
27C81Sea48.41€ .00Sold
28C82Sea107.96€ .00Sold

ApartmentsFloorBedroomsExposureArea m2PriceStatus
1D20Sea70.47€ 102182
2D21Sea84.95€ .00Sold
3D21Sea85.65€ .00Sold
4D20Sea51.72€ .00Sold
5D31Sea93.81€ .00Sold
6D31Sea87.28€ .00Sold
7D31Sea86.40€ .00Sold
8D31Sea73.51€ .00Sold
9D41Sea91.16€ .00Sold
10D41Sea73.69€ .00Sold
11D41Sea74.47€ .00Sold
12D42Sea108.86€ .00Sold
13D51Sea89.51€ .00Sold
14D51Sea70.65€ .00Sold
15D51Sea71.12€ .00Sold
16D51Sea107.68€ .00Sold
17D61Sea89.43€ .00Sold
18D61Sea70.65€ .00Sold
19D61Sea71.12€ .00Sold
20D62Sea107.77€ .00Sold
21D71Sea87.55€ .00Sold
22D71Sea70.07€ .00Sold
23D72Sea70.88€ .00Sold
24D81Sea56.34€ .00Sold
25D81Sea78.97€ .00Sold

ApartmentsFloorBedroomsExposureArea m2PriceStatus
1E21Sea89.36€ .00Sold
2E21Sea85.85€ .00Sold
3E32Sea127.57€ .00Sold
4E31Sea87.17€ .00Sold
5E42Sea127.44€ .00Sold
6E42Sea118.86€ .00Sold
7E52Sea128.16€ .00Sold
8E52Sea116.75€ .00Sold
9E62Sea125.40€ .00Sold
10E62Sea116.75€ .00Sold

ApartmentsFloorBedroomsExposureArea m2PriceStatus
1F20Sea65.32€ .00Sold
2F22Sea135.74€ .00Sold
3F21Sea107.00€ .00Sold
4F21Sea102.11€ .00Sold
5F22Sea124.26€ .00Sold
6F30Sea61.59€ .00Sold
7F32Sea124.35€ .00Sold
8F31Sea101.83€ .00Sold
9F31Sea101.89€ .00Sold
10F32Sea124.31€ .00Sold
11F31Sea69.68€ 125 000.00
12F31Sea90.07€ .00Sold
13F31Sea63.38€ .00Sold
14F42Sea117.22€ .00Sold
15F42Sea78.72€ .00Sold
16F41Sea78.72€ .00Sold
17F41Sea79.98€ .00Sold
18F42Sea120.56€ .00Sold
19F41Sea70.12€ .00Sold
20F41Sea88.26€ .00Sold
21F41Sea65.84€ .00Sold
22F52Sea118.72€ .00Sold
23F52Sea124.17€ .00Sold
24F51Sea80.67€ .00Sold
25F51Sea80.53€ .00Sold
26F52Sea121.07€ .00Sold
27F51Sea69.86€ .00Sold
28F51Sea88.80€ .00Sold
29F51Sea64.78€ .00Sold
30F62Sea118.93€ .00Sold
31F62Sea121.40€ .00Sold
32F61Sea81.18€ .00Sold
33F61Sea80.35€ .00Sold
34F62Sea121.20€ .00Sold
35F61Sea72.00€ 129 600.00
36F61Sea87.57€ .00Sold
37F61Sea63.27€ .00Sold
38F73Sea230.64€ .00Sold
39F71Sea78.22€ .00Sold
40F71Sea78.22€ .00Sold
41F73Sea311.28€ .00Sold
42F83Sea151.49€ .00Sold
43F81Sea82.42€ .00Sold
44F81Sea81.60€ .00Sold
45F83Sea146.89€ .00Sold
46F92Sea145.20€ .00Sold
47F92Sea160.74€ .00Sold
48F92Sea145.20€ .00Sold

ApartmentsFloorBedroomsExposureArea m2PriceStatus
1G31Sea84.57€ .00Sold
2G32Sea110.90€ .00Sold
4G41Sea84.57€ .00Sold
5G42Sea217.60€ 264 633.00
6G52Sea221.93€ .00Sold

* The price are not VAT included.


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